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Groundbreaking Robotic Pool Cleaner Hits the Market in May 31, 2022

Groundbreaking Robotic Pool Cleaner Hits the Market in May 31, 2022 - NaTiddy

 The robotic cleaning industry is all the rage right now. Since robotic carpet cleaners hit the market, everyone has tried to enter a unique niche.


Natiddy is not so unique as they have created the GB-PC001 robotic pool cleaner. The GB-PC001 will outperform our competitors in the robotic pool cleaning market. As of June 2022, we have launched our new product on the market. Pool owners can purchase our product on IndieGoGo.


The Future of Pool Cleaning is Here


Get ready to elevate your pool cleaning routine with NaTiddy Robotic Pool Cleaner! Thanks to the intelligent integration of innovative brush wheels, micro buoyancy, and a high-density hydrophilic PVA sponge, NaTiddy cleans your pool effortlessly so you can enjoy a sparkling pool again in no time.


Natiddy comes with a wired model to avoid any cleaning interruptions caused by battery shortage and low suction power to ensure the ultimate cleaning results. Spend more time swimming and less time cleaning!


Unlike other pool cleaners on the market, NaTiddy is made of ASA materials that allow you to put it into the pool with a disinfectant solution. It saves time and starts cleaning the pool immediately.


The inertial measurement method combined with an accelerometer and gyroscope can accurately restore the swimming pool environment, customize its cleaning route and result in a thorough cleaning.


Unlike the traditional vertical wall cleaning method, Natiddy, thanks to its exclusive technology, can quickly adjust the posture to move parallel to the floor continuously after climbing 90° walls, ensuring walls and waterlines deep cleaning.


The requirement of a manual adjustment is unnecessary with the innovative water posture correction system. The robotic pool cleaner automatically adjusts to the correct position and avoids stuck pool floor drains.


Powerful Cyclone Technology brings strong suction power to Natiddy innovative pool cleaner, which cooperates with a dense filter basket that keeps your pool clean all seasons. Natiddy Powerful Cyclone Technology brings 4756 GHP suction power and collaborates with a luxuriant filter basket for deep cleaning.


At Natiddy, we have a cleaning solution for everyone. Designed to suit all

shapes and sizes of the pool, you can kick back and relax while watching the smart robotic pool cleaner do all the work.


Natiddy makes reliable pool cleaning robots that perform well to keep the water clean and healthy. The industry leader in producing top-quality results for pool owners. Pool cleaning is essential maintenance for pool owners. We create the best products so they can have more pool time.


Media can contact us at press@natiddy.com for additional information.

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