Natiddy Mantis Series Chainsaw Q&A

How to assemble the Mini Chainsaw?
  • You don't need to install the Mini chainsaw by yourself. It was already installed when you got it, Here is the video shows that how to assemble the natiddy mini chainsaw, It‘s quite simple to assemble the Mini Chainsaw.Please see the video.
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How long does it take for the battery to be fully charged? How do I know when it is fully charged?
  • Charging time only takes 2-3 hours.( There is a recharging port on the battery pack for recharging.)Please fully recharge the battery with the charger attached in the package until it is fully charged, which can maximize battery life. Here is the video about the status when charging the battery packs.
    You would see that :
    Charging Status: Red light keeps being on.
    Fully Charged Status: Green light keeps being on.


How do I oil this Mini Chainsaw?
  • You just need to use any ordinary lubricating oil to drip on connection of the small chain and the guide plate.

Where to buy new batteries when Eventually needed whrn these go bad
  • They should not go bad for a long long time but just look up size and amps and either get some from Amazon or manufacturer of product


Can this be used to cut a 2x4 wood stud?
  • I would think so since I used it to cut 2 inch oak tree round.