High Hardness Chain

This mini chain saw adopts high hardness chain that has gone through an in-depth quenching process. It is sharp, wear resistant, and durable. It also remains fast and smooth sawing. There is no need of frequent replacement.

2 x 21V 2000mAh Battery Packs

Our battery operated chainsaw comes with two 21V 2000mAh lithium-ion Battery Packs, which is more powerful and can meet your needs of longer outdoor cutting time. Please fully recharge it for the first-time use.

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What You Will Get


1 x 6" battery chainsaw
2 x saw chains(one was pre-installed)
2 x rechargeable batteries
1 x battery charger
2 x safety gloves
1 x safety goggles
2 x screwdrivers
1 x user manual
1 x plastic box
1x small oil bottle

Rotatable Safety Baffle

This hand chainsaw is equipped with a safety baffle, which can be rotated by 110° and can prevent wood chips from splashing while you cutting woods or branches, thus giving you considerate protection.

Safety Switch

The cordless chainsaw is provided with safety switch to protect the users’ safety. The safety switch and trigger must be pressed simultaneously to start the chainsaw so you don’t need to worry that it will accidentally start to hurt other people.

Flexible Compression Nut

With 360° flexible rotation, the compression nut can be loosened casually without any other tools. There is no need of a wrench to unscrew the screw, making the process of changing or adjusting the chain easier and more convenient.

Here are some operation tips for you

1.There is no need to add oil intentionally into the machine because it's an electric mini chainsaw. If you want to keep the saw chain sharp all the time, please drip any ordinary lubricating oil on the connection of the chain and the guide plate occasionally. Note: please use lubricating oil for machine rather than animal or vegetable oil.
2.If you want to adjust the tightness of the chain, please use the screwdriver to tighten or loosen the screw under the guide plate. Please kindly note that it is a normal phenomenon that the saw chain slips or off track after long time using, you just need to tighten it, then it will work well again as before.
3.Please fully recharge the battery with the charger attached in the package until it is fully charged, which can maximize battery life. The light will stay red while charging the battery pack. The green light wil be on after it's fully charged.
4.Don't install the battery unless you ready to use chainsaw. Please take off the battery after daily use.
5.More points for attention when using the mini chainsaw, please read the user manual in the package or in the product page for details.