How quickly is the pool cleaned?
The pool cleaning speed is 65.7ft/min(20m/min).




What is the suction rate?
Natiddy is equipped with a 4,756 ultra-large suction power.



What is the cleaning coverage?
Natiddy can clean the floor,stairs,walls,waterline,and corner of the pool.




What are the minimum and maximum swimming pool temperatures supported by the



What is the product type?
Natiddy Gecko Plus comes with a corded model to avoid any cleaning
interruptions caused by battery shortage and low suction power to ensure the
ultimate cleaning results.Spend more time swimming and less time cleaning!




If I need to order more supplies or accessories,what should I do?
You can purchase extra supplies or accessories from our official web store at
https://natiddy.com/.If you need further assistance,please get in touch with us
at service@natiddy.com.




What are the Natiddy warranty and return exchange policies?
Natiddy products are subject to a 2-year limited warranty from the original
purchase date.If you experience problems or wish to extend your warranty,
please contact us at service@natiddy.com for assistance.Please note that the
warranty period is measured from the date of purchase by the original buyer.The
purchase receipt from the first consumer purchase or other reasonable proof is
required to determine the start of the warranty period.




What is the obstacle-crossing ability of the Natiddy?
Manual adjustment is no longer required with the innovative water posture
correction system.Natiddy automatically adjusts to the correct position and
prevents the pool cleaner from getting stuck in the main drains.



How large are the filter baskets?
Natiddy has a total of 2L double filter boxes.




What is the weight of Natiddy?
The weight of Natiddy is 37.4Ibs(16.96kg).




What is the supported chemical agent?
Naitddy supports chlorine chemical tablets.