Testing Program

What are we like to test?

This is a program for Amazon members who love testing! First you need to buy our product on Amazon and test and review the product after receiving it. Your comment can be a video on YouTube, a text comment on a community or social media, or something completely creative and different. But must upload Amazon reviews. To participate in this program, simply follow these steps:

  1. Read the "We love testing" rules.
  2. Buy our corresponding "Testing Program" products on Amazon.
  3. After receiving the product, do a detailed review of our product and leave a review on Amazon.
  4. Find products you've tested below.
  5. Click on the corresponding completed test product.
  6. Click the "Complete Amazon Review" button.
  7. Fill out the application form and wait for us to complete the refund.

Refund time

We will contact you within three working days and refund you via Paypal or shopping card. (Please note: Shopping card refunds will only refund $70)

Sample Delivery

You can keep the product after the test is complete.

NaTiddy reserves the right of final interpretation.
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