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5-Micron Filter Box, The Smallest Filter Density Among Pool Cleaning Robots

5-Micron Filter Box, The Smallest Filter Density Among Pool Cleaning Robots - NaTiddy

Robotic pool cleaners catch more debris. A built-in multi-layered filtration system can simultaneously trap larger twigs or leaves and smaller particles like pollen or sand. Therefore, this all gets stored in a chamber or bag within the robotic unit, which helps stop debris from clogging your pool's filtration system.


Even better, robotic pool cleaners filter your water while running independently of the pool's primary filtration system. Using an automatic pool cleaner removes a wide range of debris and contaminants, making your water safer and more hygienic.


What makes Natiddy's filtration unique?


With a high-precision 5um filtration system, strong suction, and a water filtration rate of up to 4756 GHP/18 m3/h, the robotic pool cleaner can absorb stubborn dirt in swimming pools over a wide range of water, including fine sand.


The high-precision 5um filtration system collects debris down to 5 microns. 


Does a 10 micron filter smaller debris than a 5um filter?


New pool owners often ask this question. In a culture where bigger is better, the concept gets confused. After all, a bigger swimming pool is better than a smaller swimming pool. 


When discussing filters, the micron size describes the area between fibers. A bigger opening means a larger micron size. A smaller micron size would mean the gap is smaller. The smaller the hole, the more debris the filter will collect. 


A ten micron is .010 millimeters (mm), and five microns is .005 millimeters (mm). Therefore a .010 mm gap will allow bigger materials to pass through the filter.


Therefore, when comparing Natiddy's 5-micron filter with the competitors, it is obvious which one is better. The competitors offer 50 or even 250-micron filters.


How does Nattily’s micron-Filter Enhance your Pool?


After your robotic pool cleaner scrubs the pool's bottom and side, you want this debris removed from the pool. A smaller micron filter helps eradicate algae from your pool.


The competitors larger micron filters will allow more algae back into the water. Allowing algae to pass through will mean increased cleaning time and expenses. You will need to spend more money on chemicals and energy expenses. Your robotic pool cleaner will also need to operate in the pool longer.


If you go with Natiddy's robot pool cleaner, you will save money down the road. As a result, you can spend this money on your next pool party.


If you need the Natiddy, you can purchase the product here on IndieGoGo. If you need more information on the product, check out the complete feature list here.

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