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NaTiddy Pool Cleaning Robot - The Best Alternative to Traditional Pool Cleaning Tools

NaTiddy Pool Cleaning Robot - The Best Alternative to Traditional Pool Cleaning Tools - NaTiddy

We have all heard and read about how robotic pool cleaners are best for swimming pool maintenance. Aside from the aerodynamic designs, you might be asking, "What are the advantages of using wired robots." Worry not. We will answer this question and a lot more as we dive more resounding and learn more about our little robotic minion today.


Clean the Pool for You


Obviously, this is why you plan to purchase a robotic pool cleaner. If this is the only reason, it will be money well spent. Plug it in, drop it into the pool, and have your pool cleaning program in place. 


Better for your Body


Exercise is excellent for the body. We all do not want to get our exercise by manually vacuuming the pool. We would instead get our exercise from swimming in the pool. Purchasing a robotic pool cleaner will help take the burden off your back. It will also save you from the blistering heat.


Filter your Water 


Robotic pool cleaners have a built-in filter. The water is filtered as it cleans the pool. Therefore, it is like having a DE filter without the expenses and hassle of maintaining one.


Relieve Stress from your Filter


In addition to scrubbing the surfaces of your pool, fine particles in the water are caught in its filters. Removing all this debris helps alleviate the stress from your primary filtration system. Therefore, it reduces the frequency of cleaning or changing out your filter media.


Clean the Spot you Always Forget 


When we manually vacuum the pool, a prevalent thing we tell ourselves is, "I'll get back to that spot later." We honestly think we will do it, but sometimes we have a human experience and forget. Therefore, the spot is ripe for where algae could grow in the future. Robotic pool cleaners are not forgetful. They process every single inch of your pool. 


Energy Efficient


The estimated cost of running pool cleaners is around 5 cents every cycle hour. However, this is close to 90% cheaper than running your pumps than your current system. Give your pumps a break as the robot circulates the water.


Chemical Reduction 


Robotic pool cleaners don't require chemicals to remove algae. Therefore a reduction in the number of times you have to add chemicals. Thus eliminating the number of times you accidentally add too many chemicals.




Using your pool pump system with a robotic pool cleaner is unnecessary. Unlike manual pool cleaners, you won't need to rely on your pool pump. Robotic pool cleaners have their power supply. The power supply operates independently. 


Easy to Set up and Pack-up


Your current setup probably has you hooking up hoses and assembling fittings for attachments. A robotic pool cleaner does not need all that hassle. Simply turn the robotic pool cleaner on, and you are ready to go! Afterward, pop out the filter, give everything a good rinse with your garden hose and store it for future use.

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