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NaTiddy Horizontal Robotic Cleaning Water Line, Making The Swimming Pool Cleaner

NaTiddy Horizontal Robotic Cleaning Water Line, Making The Swimming Pool Cleaner - NaTiddy

When you consider methods to clean a pool, there are some must-have features. In order to have the best pool experience, you must have a robot pool cleaner.


The features found in robotic pool cleaners are relatively similar. One feature on your checklist is a horizontal automatic cleaning water line. 


So you might be wondering, "Why should I need a horizontal robotic cleaning water line?"


Here are some justifications for considering a horizontal water line on your robotic pool cleaner. Allows robotic pool cleaner to :

  • clean walls and stairs at 90-degree angles
  • all surfaces with precision
  • move freely in the pool
  • protect pool liner
  • intelligently clean your pool
  • and keep noise levels low


As you may have noticed, not all robotic pool cleaners are created equal. It takes real experts in the field with a passion for providing the best pool experience to create a high-quality robot.


Natiddy has stepped up to the challenge to create the best robot with a horizontal water line. 


The powerful automatic pool cleaner perfectly combines backward-facing jets with super rubbery tracks, which help climb slippery walls efficiently and effortlessly. 


The horizontal cleaning water line allows the robot to clean the pool thoroughly. Natiddy can easily clean neglected corners. The horizontal waterline enables the robot to climb walls at a 90-degree angle. 


If you climb into the pool to clean these hard-to-reach areas, a robotic pool cleaner will help alleviate this stress. Drop the robot into the pool and watch in amazement as it does all the work.


All these advantages of a horizontal cleaning water line, and it is built with an admiringly attractive design. When your friends come over to swim, they will be highly impressed with this new gadget. 


If you need the Natiddy, you can purchase the product here on IndieGoGo. If you need more information on the product, check out the complete feature list here.

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